Hope For The Best

Judgment day is near. The PRC is expected to release the September 2012 Licensure Examination results before the end of this month.

Just like you, I am also excited to view the LET passers list because I have some relatives and friends who took it.

One of them approached me and asked if I know the exact day of release. I said no. Only the PRC knows when they will make the LET passers list available in the internet.

She was more than excited. In fact, she was very anxious so I told her to relax and find other ways that will keep her busy while awaiting the release of LET results.

As a friendly advise, I told her to pray harder, hope for the best and be optimistic. Whatever the outcome of the test is, whether or not she successfully hurdled the exam, what’s important is that she tried and gave her all.

“If it’s your time to pass, you will pass” were my exact words to her.