Buckle Up LET Takers!

We’re almost there guys. The Professional Regulation Commission has already released the results of the other bigger board exam and LET is expected to be next.

The “other bigger board exam” we’re referring to is the licensure examination for criminologists, the passers list of which was released Friday night, November 16.

Inasmuch as we hope that the release of LET results takes place earlier, we also look forward to a better national passing rate for this particular exam.

In the same month last year, there were 10,243 passers out of 45,171 examinees (22.68%) in the elementary level, 6 grads out of 216 examinees (2.78%) passed for ATEP, and 13,125 out of 41,729 takers (31.45%) were able to hurdle the secondary level LET.

The third week of the month comes in a couple of days from this time of posting which means ‘judgment day’ is just around the corner.

Keep on coming back to this site for updates. God speed and good luck to all.